About JM

I'm a young hustler from the American South, holed up in Japan for over a decade. My Winamp - yes, I still use Winamp - blares everything from Genesis to Mars Volta to Stanton Warriors, and I'm addicted to collecting camera gear.

My loves

Japan. Photography. Scheming. Creation. Yokohama. Theatre. Creative collaboration. Fancy consumer tech.

And white jeans. Definitely white jeans.


It's home - Yokohama especially. But it's more complicated than being a Japan nerd. I've committed myself to being a part of the society, even if fully assimilating is an impossible feat. The greatest challenge is how to find out who you are when faced with two distinct cultures imposing identities on you. The middle-ground I've scratched out for myself has helped make Japan a home I can appreciate.


Reporter; NPR, CGTN, Reuters, others. Translator. Television talent; NHK World, Nippon Television. Communications consultant.